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Okay, I'll just start off with a correction. The dress that Melania was wearing, you know the dress that had the towers from nine 11 where they were mocking us. That was from last year. It was a recycled story. See, that's a dumb fake. And that shows you look, if you hadn't correct me right now, that version would still be out there. But that shows you how people don't correct dumb fakes if it confirms their, their bias. And to me it makes perfect sense that she would wear a dress that mocks the nine 11 victims. I don't know if it changes anything that it was from last year, not this year. Like what did she wear this year? Like a burning, you know, five-pointed, geometric figure design on her back. Like what was she wearing this year? And I looked at the Pentagon closely, uh, more recently and some new footage. And it's just [inaudible] as you'd expect. Like the production value actually has improved. So for all of you who say, Oh no, the…


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[inaudible] flat earth report. [inaudible]

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okay. So, Hey, really quick here. I have a few minutes until we start this a debate between myself and fight the flat earth. So, uh, before we get started, I just want to run a couple things by you. First of all, um, Rachel Maddow, give her a shout out for that little sound bite. The flat earth report soundbite. She Sue, she's being sued for $10 million for saying that America news network is Russian propaganda.

Speaker 2: (01:21)
Just thought I'd bring that up. Okay. Takashi six nine. This whole trial is about to begin with is kidnapping. So what are they saying? Racketeering. He's raising money for his gang. Turns out the lawyer for his kidnapper says the whole thing has been faked. He faked his own kidnapping to sell records. And so you scroll down here and it just says he's about to drop an album. His album dummy boy was originally gonna be released in November of 2018 and he says he t…